Conflict Continuum of Florida


A conflict continuum is the various stages that a conflict or attack may progress through and escalate. It may or may not follow or include all of the following stages:
The continuum begins with the predator either carefully or spontaneously selecting their victim. Their selection is made from social cues from the victim: their posture, demeanor, distractions, or anything that makes
them appear to be an easy target. (Being aware and taking precautions reduces your chances of being targeted.)
This is the predator’s attempt through verbal interaction [interview] to get a sense of you as a potential target. For example, are you too trusting, do you allow him in close, do you exhibit fear in your body language? The predator may also try to shock and intimidate you with abusive and vulgar language.
There are two types of assault; general and sexual. In either case the predator can use force [simple assault] or a weapon [aggravated assault]. Regardless of the type of assault, your goal should be the same: to escape. You have to decide way in advance of a physical conflict your intention whether or not you will use force to protect yourself or loved ones.

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